(Still) Taking Care of Business - International Women's Day 2018

Reflecting on the journey with this still-relevant 2016 post. Happy International Women's Day, everyone!

It is with great pride that I announce that Amy Parry Projects is now Certified as a Women Owned Business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

The news last week brought literal tears to my eyes. I didn’t realize how much being certified meant to me until I got the official notification from WBENC that I had been validated. I felt like Sally Field receiving her 1984 Oscar - “You like me! You LIKE me!” But more so, the memories of all the crazy moments that added up to this point in my business flashed before my eyes: furiously quoting a job as I was in labor at the hospital…bringing six-week-old baby James to Hirsch Bedner & Associates to work a project deadline...schlepping him to the shipper to deliver a custom work of art for a hotel…vacations spent pushing back beach time until I had wrapped up an important email…It’s been a hectic few years. And rewarding. And fun!

I have the pleasure of working with my friends, who are amazing women with their own families and dynamic lives. We work together as a team. We support each other, respect each other and dream for each other. We work hard and into the night when things need to get done. And we feel good about our aesthetic choices and the fair way we make decisions to complete our tasks at hand.

I am so proud to be a professional woman; a mother, wife and friend. I do the job because it’s my passion but also because it supports not only my family, but artists I care about and all these other women that are working with me in the same busy, multi-tasking way. We are a powerful bunch and it is clear that women-owned businesses are creating a new normal in American society. I am thrilled to be part of this empowered generation of ladies who are taking care of business and making things happen from our brains and our souls.

Thanks to WBENC for the approval of our application and for the future opportunities we will discover because of it.

So sincerely,

Amy Parry

The Iconic ATL Airport Ants

It has become more shocking to NOT see red fire ants crawling on the ceiling of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport than it ever was to see them there in the first place...

Brute Neighbors, a commissioned public art sculpture created and installed by ATL artist Joe Peragine in the summer of 2001 has just been removed without his knowledge. In the 15 years that the ants were scattered overhead the North and South Baggage Claim areas, they became iconic for so many of us. An article released by the Airport in November of 2010, highlighted the continued popularity of the piece and the element of surprise it offered travelers passing through.

Apparently, however, there have been intermittent grumblings about the ants from airport business owners and complaints from concerned parents over the years. As with other examples of public art, the sight of Brute Neighbors sparked both curiosity and controversy.

The circumstances surrounding the removal of the piece last Thursday are still not fully known. The ants will remain in storage until the fate of the work is determined and forthcoming renovations in the airport are completed. If you feel connected to this work and compelled to show support for its reinstallation, please send a note to the Airport Art Program Manager, David Vogt at david.vogt@atlanta-airport.com.

Details on the piece - which is described as being in the Airport’s “Permanent Art Collection" - can be found here.



To learn more about this significant artist, please visit Joe's website: www.josephperagine.com