Currently Inspired By...

More and more we are honoring requests to show art options with greater depth and texture. For this last Inspiration Board of the year, we would like to share a “few of our favorite (dimensional) things.”

There is so much to love about three-dimensional art; how it can punctuate a space and accentuate the overall design. Please click through these options in wood, glass, metal, fiber, porcelain and even just thickly applied paint.

Selecting Art for Healthcare Spaces

The principles outlined in this excellent article by our friend and fellow "art finder" Lesley Frenz sum up the considerations we made in choosing work for APP's most recent healthcare project - the ProMedica Surgery Center in Toledo, OH. Ultimately, artwork chosen for any healthcare facility should improve the quality of stay for the patient and the visitors who are there to support them.

                                                                                                         Planning art locations.

                                                                                                         Planning art locations.

For this project, ocean-side vistas were chosen in order to provide a subconscious calming effect for those in the family waiting areas. The intimate details captured in close encounter photographs of flora and fauna for the consult areas will remind patients of the small, yet significant beauties in every day. We also aim to remember the Physicians' experience, and expect that the cool palette of soothing abstracts will help clear the minds of doctors who will pass daily through the corridors and lounges for years to come. 

Over 150 pieces were included in the package we created for ProMedica. Due to our knowledge of imagery and our strong working relationship with artists whose works fit the bill for these and other healthcare spaces, the project was completed from inception in installation in a very quick 12 weeks!